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We are your best choice for a local sprinkler repair in Boise Idaho.

It is our goal to provide you with the best customer service and assurance that our sprinkler technicians get the job done effectively and efficiently. We pride ourselves on providing prompt service, full-service sprinkler repairs, and parts replacement for all major brands of irrigation systems.

Our sprinkler repair professionals can take care of any task from start to finish, including inspection restoration and cleaning system testing. Most importantly, we will keep you informed about what needs to be done and how much it will cost throughout the process so there are no surprises at the end.

Our technicians have experience working on a wide variety of irrigation problems including broken pipes, damaged sprinklers, malfunctioning valves, inoperative solenoids, and clogged filters, among other things. Our Boise sprinkler repair experts can also help you choose just the right watering system for your home or business so that you will get top performance from the most economical system possible.

Safe and Reliable Sprinkler Repair in Boise

Our repair specialists can diagnose problem spots on an electronic circuit board or mechanical units such as a valve or motor and fix or replace them within your budget and time constraints. Our technicians can also help you choose the right system for your home or business such as sprinklers, spray heads, drip irrigation systems, bubblers, and other types of water distribution equipment.

We are a locally-based Boise sprinkler repair company that has all of the experience and technology to diagnose and fix problems with existing sprinkler systems quickly so that you will have complete peace of mind from knowing exactly what is going on in your yard each day. You will never have to worry about an unstable or unreliable watering system again when you call us out for any sprinkler repair service.

From our office staff to our field technicians, we uphold all of the highest standards of excellence when it comes to customer service and workmanship.

We always use top-quality products in any service we perform for sprinkler repair in Boise.

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Your Lawn Deserves a Professional Sprinkler Repair in Boise Idaho

Our sprinkler repair technicians are experienced professionals who take pride in their work and get it done beyond satisfactory. We are an established business with a reputation for excellence and professionalism. We provide modern sprinkler repair solutions to Boise residents and businesses alike.


We know that you will be thrilled with how much easier your Boise sprinkler systems become to manage after we have repaired them! Don’t hesitate to give us a  call at 208-516-2214 for a free sprinkler repair consultation!

When you call for your free consultation, our office staff will answer your calls personally, ensuring that you receive excellent customer care from information intake to completion of work orders at your requested times. Our technicians are always thoroughly trained on all aspects of Boise sprinkler repair equipment and systems to provide low-maintenance solutions that fit within any landscaping budget.

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